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Welcome to GLG Homes, Inc

We respect that all of us are different, but there is one place that unites us all - our homes. It doesn't matter if it is big or small, modern or colonial, new or old, we feel the most comfortable at our homes.

Custom Built Homes

Opportunity has never been better to build your dream house with GLG Homes

Additions and Remodeling

We will help you to redesign and remodel your house or condo!

Development and Commercial

We also specialize in land development and light commercial

Here at GLG Homes, the integrity of people, structures, and workmanship, has provided the foundation with which we have built a contractor and construction management organization.  Throughout our history, we have been committed to providing our clients with solid project performance and management and most importantly, results.  Commitment to our clients has transformed our firm from a small construction contractor company formed in 1978, to a company performing complex work from Federal Way up to Everett. Our Kent-based company remains a family owned and operated General Contractor, today.  We have acted as program manager and general contractor for many decades, making us a firm that can be relied on to safely deliver timely, economical, and effective results.

Today, just as we did in the '80s and '90s, we view every project as simply a problem that needs to be solved, logically, efficiently, and quickly. And with that in mind, we pour our full resources into every project, and pledges to every client, and every partner that it will deliver only the highest standards of quality and responsiveness.  GLG Homes has now brought into its third decade a solid record of continuing growth and expansion still fueled by the very passion that started it all.